Welcome to our hall of fame where all the great bug-bounty hunters and security researchers that disclosed a vulnerability are ranked. The bigger the vulnerability (on terms of impact for the constituent), the higher the ranking. All high-impact vulnerability will also be rewarded. So can you reach the first place and help us to secure our systems even further?

Want to disclose a vulnerability? Please read the responsible disclosure procedure provided by the constituent and file a report by using this form.

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Our hall of fame

  1. Koen van Hove, SaaS e-mail Spoofing/Impersonation
  2. CondaSecurity.nl
  3. Khaled Selim, HTML email injection / Blind XSS in admin panel / Stored XSS / Open Redirection / Rate Limiting
  4. Theologos Kokkinellis, Multiple reflected XXS
  5. Wouter de Vries - Multiple Open Redirects
  6. Alwin Warringa, SQL Injection
  7. Ahmad Asaad, Stored XXS